This Story About Nutella and ISIS Will Make You Angry

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Oh, Australia. You so funny. You always make us laugh with such ridiculous stories. But this one is probably our favourite in a long time.

A mother from Illawarra has been in the papers over the last few days after her battle with Nutella became public. Wait, that made it sound like she was in rehab for Nutella addiction.

But the story is not necessarily quite that nefarious. Rather, she was in the papers after staff at a Nutella promotional stall decided to refuse her request to print her daughter’s name on a customised tub of that wonderful hazelnut elixir.

Nutella and ISIS

nutella and isis is pretty funny

Her daughter’s name? Yeah, you guessed it. Her daughter’s name is Isis.

Immediately after requesting that ‘Isis‘ was printed on the jar, the family were asked for proof that that was the five-year-old’s name. Because, you know, five-year-olds are notorious for making jokes about terrorism when they’re about to be treated to a gigantic jar of Nutella.

So Heather Taylor took to social media to make her case known. She wrote:

‘We have just been refused permission to have our beautiful five year old daughter’s name printed on a Nutella jar label at Myers Shellharbour because she is named Isis. This negative publicity of such a beautiful name needs to stop now. My 5 year old is already being discriminated against through no fault of her own.’

What’s In a Name?

nutella and isis is pretty damn interesting lol

It’s a good point. She’d decided to name her kids after ancient Egyptian gods, and Isis was the name of one of the most important deities, long before ISIS formed. So how is it really this little girl’s fault that she shares a name with this barbaric and cultish movement?

Regardless, the staff decided to hold firm. So Heather decided to escalate her story to the CEO of Ferrero Australia, Craig Barker, who contacted her the next day to explain the decision. He, apparently, said:

‘Like all campaigns, there needs to be consistency in the way terms and conditions are applied. Unfortunately, this has meant there have been occasions where a label has not been approved on the basis that it could have been misinterpreted by the broader community or viewed as inappropriate’.

nutella and isis and heather taylor's story

Sounds insane doesn’t it? Ms Taylor retorted that:

‘…this was their interpretation of her name, also the terrorist group should not be referred to as Isis [but rather DAESH] and how they are perpetuating the negative interpretation of such a beautiful name owned by thousands of beautiful and probably bullied young girls, and teenagers,’

Despite not getting her way, Ms Taylor says she will continue to fight the negative publicity of ‘such a beautiful name’.

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