Nutella Chastity Belt Goes Viral

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Credit: eBay
Credit: eBay

Oh Nutella. You devilishly delicious chocolatey elixir. Why can’t we control ourselves around you? There’s just something about you we can’t ignore, despite how hard we try to contain ourselves. I wish there was a way that you could be locked away from our gaze. Oh wait, there is.

Arise Sir Daniel Schobloch, German inventor and Nutella-whisperer extraordinaire. The Berlin-based creator has come to the rescue of Nutella addicts the world over with his new invention. To be honest, this strange chastity-belt-type invention was created as sort of a joke. But it somehow went viral, and actually started selling.

Inventor Daniel said that he came up with the idea when his friends kept on complaining that their children kept stealing Nutella. So he decided to put together this acrylic creation that prevents kids’ grubby mitts from entering the pot. Nay-sayers might enquire as to why the parents don’t just lock the product away somewhere secretive. But Nutella addicts know the answer – the kids would just end up under a bridge somewhere trying to get their fix.

Once a local website covered the product and popularity grew, Daniel was forced to put the product on eBay, where it retails for €9.99. Demand, so far, has been phenomenal. Nutella addicts, you’ve been warned. Get your act together, now!