You’ve Heard of Parkour, Now Check Out Barkour

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There’s nothing like spotting someone out jogging while you’re inside, eating your way through your 8th tub of ice cream, to make you feel a bit, well, tubby. It’s even worse when that person is partaking in a spot of parkour, bouncing off the walls and jumping over obstacles. And it’s even worse when that person is a dog. Indulging in some bark-our. Oh dear that was awful. I’ll see myself out, don’t worry.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s parkour dog

Enter this parkour dog. This overachieving pup does more exercise in this 43-second clip than I do in an entire year. Probably. Parkour dog effortlessly pounds the streets, leaping off walls and over steps. He even jumps right over a bike! We can’t even ride a bike! OK, that’s not entirely true. But what is true is the fact we feel pretty exhausted just watching him. It’s like he’s doing a military obstacle course or something. As a cat owner, I have a question: is this what all dogs are like? Must be so tiring to take them on a walk. Great way to build some exercise into your day though.

Parkour dog in action
OK, seriously, it’s really hard to take a screenshot of a parkour dog in action

Since being uploaded to Facebook a few days ago, the video of the parkour dog has had over 82,000 shares. It’s also been viewed over 3 million times. At least 1 million of those views were from me just now. God, I really want a dog.

Enough of me rambling on. Have a look at the video for yourself and let us know what you think:

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