People Are Getting Voluntarily Roasted on Reddit

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Usually reserved for celebrities, a good roasting has nothing to do with our kitchen oven. It’s the art of verbally abusing and humiliating someone for the entertainment of the public audience – and, despite how awful it sounds, getting roasted on Reddit is actually considered a great honour.

With origins in the early 20th century, roasts have made their way onto our TVs over the past few years. They’re especially popular in America, where ripe-for-the-roasting celebs such as Justin Bieber, Joan Rivers and Charlie Sheen have felt the sharp tongues of comedians including Seth MacFarlane and Kevin Hart.

But now, it seems that roasting has found more of a mainstream audience with the help of Reddit. The r/RoastMe subreddit encourages users to post a picture of themselves, with the sole purpose of receiving good-natured jokes that mock everything from their appearance to their handwriting.

Why anyone would actively want to encourage people to mock them is kinda beyond our realm of understanding. You’ve definitely got to have a good sense of humour and a thick skin in order to put yourself forward, and it’s sometimes hard to tell whether some of the roastees are just seeking attention, or whether they genuinely believe the whole act of getting roasted on Reddit is pretty darn hilarious.

Either way, they definitely make for some entertaining reading – and we’re probably going to hell for laughing at some of these.