This is How To Make The Perfect Christmas Sandwich

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One of the best things about Christmas, aside from all the presents and stuff, is the free license to gorge till your stomach aches and your eyes start leaking. There’s just something about the festivities that really do put people into the mindset that calories aren’t there to be counted; they’re there to be collected. Which is fair enough! The whole year a lot of us have been avoiding carbs, and sweets, and banana Angel Delight, so we need to celebrate being off the wagon. Is it on the wagon, or off the wagon?

This is the perfect christmas sandwich.

Anyway. One of our favourite parts of the entire happy charade are the leftovers. It’s one of the only reasons to actually wake up on Boxing Day. Aside from all the football. I love taking those leftover bits of turkey, mash, stuffing and gravy and turning them into a sandwich that renders Pret’s Christmas offering completely obsolete.

So it was with some interest that I picked up the news about Mindlab International scientists at the Sussex Innovation Centre who have declared that they’ve isolated the correct formula for making the perfect Christmas sandwich…

The Ratios for the Perfect Christmas Sandwich

  • Turkey (25%)
  • Stuffing (19%)
  • Butter (18%)
  • Cranberry sauce (14%)
  • Granary Bread (9%)
  • Bacon (9%)
  • Mayonnaise (6%)

Immediately, the thing that gets to us is the fact that there’s 18% butter. 18%! It sounds like a gargantuan amount, doesn’t it? It seems that 6% mayonnaise is also too low. But, the most criminal aspect of all of this is the fact that there’s no gravy in the sandwich. Absolutely none. How can we take this seriously?

So, we’re going to make a bold move and dismiss this as a contender. We actually think that there’s already a Christmas sandwich in the annals of history that’s destined to be the best use of your leftovers. Sure it’s originally a Thanksgiving sandwich, but Ross Gellar’s turkey sandwich with trademarked moist-maker is our sandwich of choice. Watch the video below for a reminder of just how good it is.

The Moist Maker

This might have been the only good thing going in Ross’s life at the time, but goddamn this is a legendary sandwich. And it’s all because of the middle layer known as the moist maker. Yep. A third slice of bread that’s dipped in delicious brown gravy. But that’s not the end of the beauty of the sandwich. It combines good ratios of stuffing, turkey, bread, mayo, veg and turkey.

the perfect christmas sandwich the moist maker ross gellar

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