It’s Now Possible To Buy Condiments For Your Pet’s Food. Really.

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You’ve got to feel for your pets. While you’re tucking into pasta seasoned with everything from parmesan to tomato juices, you can guarantee your feline friend will be looking at you in disdain while it’s forced to tuck into yet another bowl of bone-dry pet food. No wonder they’re always trying to steal what’s on our plate.

Well, our prayers – or rather, our pets’ prayers – have now been answered. Finally! A company called Petchup (I’m not making that up, I swear), has started selling condiments, purely for pet food. It makes the mind boggle.

Pet food condiments, anyone?

Pet food condiments: What the hell are they?

Amongst the products available include Bark B-Q, Mutt-n-aise, and Muttstard for dogs. Now, the company have even introduced some condiments for cat food – the uniquely named Catchup and Meowstard. While the Meowstard has a striking turkey flavour (perfect for Christmas dinner), the Catchup features slithers of mouthwatering salmon. Tasty.

Pet food condiments! What!

Not going to lie, I thought this was a bit of a joke at first. After all, who would actually buy pet food condiments?! And then I realised: I’m the type of person who would probably buy it. Especially when you factor in the fact that the condiments aren’t just for show. Each of the products has a whole host of vitamins, from Omega 3 to L-Taurine for circulatory and heart health. They’re also all made with natural food-grade ingredients, and they’re low calorie too. Basically, put this on your pet’s food and it’ll instantly be 10 times classier than your microwave offerings. That’s got to make ’em happy, right?

Pet food condiments will make your cat/dog happy.

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