What Ever Happened To Phoebe Buffay?

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The Ending of Friends

Did Phoebe Buffay have a happy ending in Friends?

Cast your minds back to May 6, 2004. We remember that day well. I mean, who doesn’t? It was a pretty seismic day for any Friends fan. The final episode had finally arrived and we were all really conflicted – it was the right time for the show to go, but we didn’t want to release it from our sweaty grip. Once it was over, we were sad, so we ate a million KitKats to fill the void. We were basically living the life of a teenage Monica.

Despite feeling satisfied about where most of the storylines ended, we still had so many questions. Such as why was Ross so ready to let Rachel take Emma with her to Paris? Where was the inevitable fight about their daughter? Did Rachel quit that job in Paris or find a new one? Does Chandler still work in Manhattan and have to commute from Westchester County? But, more importantly, what was Phoebe’s actual ending? Did we miss it?

So, What Happened To Phoebe Buffay?

Were you satisfied with the ending of Friends for Phoebe Buffay?

Of course, you’ll say that her ending was finally being happy, finally starting a family with Mike. Which is true, but she wasn’t really given that much screentime during the final hurrah. You could sort of say the same with Joey because he was just meant to be living with Monica and Chandler; but he obviously moved to LA in the doomed spin-off ‘Joey’. Monica/Chandler having kids and Rachel/Ross getting together was all the closure we needed on that front. But with Phoebe we felt unsatisfied.

The thing is, Phoebe Buffay was often our favourite character. Her incredible life story inspired such an eccentric personality, and some really funny moments. Who else has their brother’s triplets? Or creates a song called Smelly Cat? Or gets hepatitis when a pimp spat in their mouth? So we can’t live with the idea that she’s just become part of a couple and that’s it.

We need to understand what happens next. What does Phoebe Buffay become? Is Mike a good husband? Are they living in New York? What’s the next stage of their story? It doesn’t feel like enough. But then again maybe I’m being greedy. Maybe her crazy life had to have a tame ending to fit in with the story.

But we struggle to envisage what the future may hold for her and Mike. Is she still Friends with everyone? According to David Crane and Marta Kauffman, Phoebe and Chandler were intended to be extraneous characters, but were too good to leave out. But out of all the characters, she seems to be the one that’s furthest away to all the others. She could easily fall out of the friendship group. Whatever she’s up to now, we’re sure she’s doing something utterly amazing. We just need to know she’s okay.

What we’re really saying is we just don’t know what to think. What do you guys reckon?

Phoebe Buffay is awesome

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