Bored of Facebook Engagement Pictures, Girl Gets Her Own Back

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Every time I log on to Facebook, I’m met with a barrage of posts and status updates that are humble-bragging about people’s lives. There are a few specific subjects that really grate on me, such as pretending you’re mystified at some success you’ve achieved, or talking about how awesome your kid is for being able to do what every kid does, or engagement photos. You know the ones, all posed and pompous. People basically celebrating their happiness just makes me want to projectile all over the computer. I guess I’m projecting right now, though.

I know I’m not alone in thinking this, because just the other day, I heard the story of Nicole Larson’s rise to viral stardom and she’s immediately become one of my new heroes. The 19-year-old from Alberta, Canada had gotten so fed up at seeing her friends’ annoying bragging engagement photos that she decided to mimic them but with a beautiful satirical twist.

Cue: A Wonderful Pizza Engagement

The pizza engagement story is the best

Larson told The Huffington Post: “I wanted to do a spoof of other couples pictures because I am single and in my opinion pizza never lets you down,””Everyone seems to be caught up in trying to find a partner but I would just encourage others to find/do anything that might brighten their day!” she said. “If that is a boyfriend, great! If it’s eating a full box of pizza to yourself, that is also great!”

So check out the pictures on the next page and rejoice with this absolutely majestically well-conceived form of trolling. Nicole Larson, we salute you. Also, do you mind if we have a slice of pizza? Thanks.