Would You Eat Japan’s New Poo-Flavoured Curry?

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We know that curries are supposed to give you the runs, but this is just ridiculous. And it also makes us feel a little sick.

Enter: Poo Flavoured Curry

A curry shop in Tokyo, originally named ‘Curry Shop Shimizu‘, has started serving a, uh, delicious new kind of curry. The dish has been designed to look, smell and even taste exactly like human excrement. Who would even think about eating poo flavoured curry?! (We apologise if you’re reading this while tucking into food.)

Disturbingly, the curry is served in a bowl shaped entirely like a traditional Japanese toilet bowl. Because, y’know, it’s definitely not disgusting enough as it is…

The curry shop features in a video by blogger Stu in Tokyo who attempts to finish the entire dish. He even takes part in a food challenge – all to get his picture on the infamous ‘Wall Of S***-Eaters.’ It just gets worse, doesn’t it?

We have way too many questions. First, who would even think about offering this? And secondly: why? Just…why? Well, luckily we have the answers to both of those questions. The eatery’s owner is, in fact, longtime Japanese male porn star Ken Shimizu. He’s apparently a bit of a big thing (no pun intended) in Japan. And his first ever porn scene involved actually eating, uh, faeces. Which might just explain his little foray into the world of alternative curries. (Coincidentally, the $126 Shimizu earned from that first role was nothing in comparison to how much he ended up shelling out in hospital bills. He got so sick afterwards, he needed an IV…).

Ken with his poo flavoured curry

The video also shows Stu bumping into Shimizu. The blogger asks him just where the inspiration for the vomit-inducing poo flavoured curry meal comes from. Shimizu’s response? “It’s not that I like the taste. But there’s something about it that really turns me on.” Yeah, cool. Not really with you on that one. But…each to their own.

While we can’t help but think this all sounds pretty grim, at least it’s not as bad as some of the world’s other ‘delicacies’. Casu Marzu is one that springs to mind. Found mostly in the island of Sardinia, the dish is a sheep milk cheese – that contains live insect larvae. I’ve never been so glad to be vegetarian…

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