The Princess Alexis Story Will Make You Cry

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The Make-A-Wish foundation is truly one of the best charities out there. Fact. With a simple mission to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions, stories of their successes regularly have us close to tears at our desk. But this latest story of a 6-year-old girl from Seattle has captured our hearts – as well as thousands of others all over the world.

Tell us about Alexis’s story

Meet Alexis. Three years ago, when she was just 3 years old, she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. After watching an episode of Charlie Brown about one of his friends getting leukemia, the youngster came up with a novel idea – one that would help children with cancer all over the world. Selfless Alexis decided that she wanted other kids to know they weren’t alone in their cancer fight. And she wanted to give them hope for the future. Oh, and she also wanted to help raise awareness about pediatric cancer. Not a bad ambition for a child who’s yet to hit double figures.

Princess Alexis at her premiere

So just how did Alexis decide to do this? By having her own story made into an animated short for the silver screen, that’s how! And that’s where Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington came in, deciding to make little Alexis’ dream come true.

The finished three-minute animation recently had its premiere in Seattle. And now the short can be viewed online here:

Whether you have experience with childhood leukemia or not, it’s not hard to be affected by the empowering message. In the animation, Alexis is turned into ‘Princess Alexis’ who finds herself locked up in a tower all alone by “Kemia” the dragon. Princess Alexis spends all day dreaming of escaping the tower. And then one day she receives a visit from her fairy godmother. She tells Princess Alexis that she must bravely fight Kemia – by fetching a wand from deep within the dragon’s lair. While the wand will fight Kemia, it also drains Alexis of her strength, and her hair. Although Princess Alexis is scared, she manages to find her way to the wand, all with the love and support of her friends and family.

The story of Princess Alexis can't fail to move you to tears

Yeah, it’s a bit of a tearjerker. It even had my hard-as-nails manager having a little table weep. Building on all the traditional features of a fairytale, the animation is perfect for younger kids. It also provides them with hope that they will one day feel much better.

Princess Alexis’s Wish Comes True

The short film itself took months to create. There were planning meetings. Voiceover studio appointments. Alexis even lent her voice to the role of Princess Alexis. Because, after all, you can’t get more inspirational than her. The film also features actress Jamie Chung who voiced characters in Disney’s Big Hero 6 and Mulan.

Princess Alexis at her premiere with the red carpet!

When the film was premiered recently, Alexis took to the red carpet complete with her very own legion of fans and Prince Charming. And the film definitely got the seal of approval from Alexis’ parents. They said: “This wish has definitely helped Alexis throughout her treatment. No matter how difficult the treatment gets, whenever we talk to Alexis about her wish coming true, it always brings a smile.”

Yeah, we’re not crying. We just have something in our eye.

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