PS4 or Xbox One: Which Should You Buy?

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As much as you try to avoid it, Christmas is quickly approaching (we’re sorry to be the ones to break it to you). But if you’re torn between gifting your gamer-nerd with the PS4 or Xbox One, then fret no longer. While both consoles have their strengths, let us save you some time and research by summarising our recommendations on the matter. Our opinion? You should go with the Sony PS4. Hands down. And here’s why:

1. A More Responsive Controller

PS4 or Xbox One? The PS4 controller is far more responsive.

The first thing to consider on our list of ‘PS4 or Xbox One’ are the controllers. You might not think a console’s controller design should really matter that much, but just ask anybody who’s ever gamed hardcore for eight hours straight: it does. It really, really does. The PS4 controller is similar to PlayStation controllers in the past, with a lightweight design, two thumb triggers, and a size that’s ideal for both male and female gamers alike. The PS4 controller also comes with fun built-in lighting that’s integrated with each game, in addition to a convenient headphone jack. The Xbox One controller, on the other hand, is just as big, bulky, and awkward as the Xbox 360’s.

2. Better Backwards Compatibility

PS4 or Xbox One? PlayStation are looking to make it easier for you to play games from earlier models

Let’s be real: neither the PS4 nor the Xbox One make it super easy to play your previously owned games from an older-generation console. However, Sony has recognised this issue and has since been working hard to improve their backwards compatibility, so you can now play most of your PS3 games on the new platform—and there are even plans in the works to integrate PS2 compatibility. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to fully launch any of their announced plans to make their new console backwards compatible. So if you want to be able to play your old games without jumping through a bunch of hoops, a PS4 is probably your best bet.

3. Pre-Order With Automatic Download


One feature the PlayStation 4 has that the Xbox One doesn’t is the option to easily pre-order games through the PlayStation network and have them instantly downloaded and delivered on their official release date. This saves gamers from the hassle of having to manually download their games on the release date; instead, they can boot up the console and it’ll already be waiting for them. This is an appealing option to anybody who’s ever forgotten about a release date and missed out on being among the first to play a new title.

4. Excellent Remote Play Features

PS4 or Xbox One: PlayStation makes it easier to use your PS Vita

Still torn over whether to get a PS4 or Xbox One? Consider the Sony PlayStation 4’s remote play features. They’re pretty impressive—especially for those who have a PlayStation Vita. With their unique remote play option, users can actually play their Vita games on a full TV screen and play their PS4 games on their handheld devices. Considering Microsoft doesn’t have a handheld gaming system, this is another area where the PS4 simply blows the Xbox One out of the water.

So there you have it; if you’ve been going back and forth between the PS4 and the Xbox One, we’ve made the decision for you. You’re welcome. Now, only one question remains: which bundle package will you end up purchasing?

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