Psy’s Gender-Bending Dance Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

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You could never excuse Psy of putting on a dull show. From the energetic dance routine of Gangnam Style (c’mon, we all know it), to, uh, even more dance moves in Gentleman, he definitely knows how to pull out all the stops for his audience.

His latest dance performance is no exception. As part of his All Night Stand 2015 tour, the blazer-wearing, sunglasses-sporting singer/rapper/dancer performed a spectacular dance routine at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena. All while dressed in tight hot pants, pleather boots and Madonna-style cone boobs, natch. He even went all out with a sparkly gold belt for a bit of glamour.

Uploaded to YouTube on 24 December, the video has already been viewed almost 400,000 times. Take a look at the show-stopping routine here:

Why Do We Find Psy’s Dancing SO Good? Seriously.

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Psy’s ability to put on a show. You’d certainly get your money’s worth at a Psy gig, that’s for sure. I mean, at the end of his performance he even gets lifted into the air while a single boob cone spews out sparklers. Mechanical failure of the other boob cone aside, where else can you see that happening? Definitely not at a One Direction gig, that’s for sure.

Psy just decided to take a little nap mid-song

Psy’s latest ‘gender-bending’ performance has particular significance, especially with his position as the first K-pop artist to make a breakthrough into the music industry of the West. Twerking on stage with his thighs out on show, at many points throughout the song he even manages to outshine his backing dancers. God bless you, Psy, you absolute K-pop mentalist.

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