Quit Your Job, You’ve Got To See These Incredible Natural Wonders

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Every once in a while we need to step out of the dusty office and go somewhere absolutely amazing. But be careful: some of these incredible natural wonders are so alluring you may not ever want to leave.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

Incredible natural wonders: Who knew glowworms could be so pretty?

These caverns in New Zealand come to life with the neon dazzle of thousands of glowworms parked on the walls and ceiling. Visitors can enjoy a serene and mystical raft ride across the cave’s waters.

Spotted Lake

Incredible natural wonders: Spotted Lake in British Columbia leaves splotches of colour when the lake evaporates
Source: travel64.com

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s British Columbia, these vivacious pools of water are a treasure trove of natural minerals. When the lakes evaporate, they transform into a a rich palette with splotches of blues, greens, and yellows.

Red Beach

Incredible natural wonders: China's Red Beach has to be seen to be believed

As far as incredible natural wonders go, this one has surely got to win a prize. This beach in Panjin, China, isn’t covered with sand, but with a sea of scarlet seaweed straight out of a fantasy novel. The Red Beach only turns red during autumn due to a unique chemical reaction. It’s also the world’s largest wetland and reed marsh and home to nearly 400 different animal species, many of them birds. Locals call the beach the “Home of the Cranes.”

Great Blue Hole

Incredible natural wonders: Are you brave enough to dive into the Belize's Great Blue Hole?
Source: triptease.com

Also known as the Lighthouse Reef, this underwater cavern near Belize bellows from 400 feet below the sea. Are you brave enough to dive into its depths and discover the wonders that lurk beneath?

Crystal Caves

Incredible natural wonders: If you're in Mexico, make sure to head to the crystal caves
Source: nationalgeographic.com

Cluttered with a maze of selenite crystals, these caves in Chihuahua, Mexico are equal parts beautiful and terrifying. The crystal spears can reach lengths of over 10 metres and weigh a whopping 100,000 pounds apiece. And they don’t always like to sit still…

Moeraki Boulders

Incredible natural wonders: Dinosaur eggs? Baskets of eels? Whatever the Moeraki Boulders are, they sure are pretty

More like dinosaur eggs, these primordial stones have stood in the sands of New Zealand’s Koekohe Beach for just about 65 million years. A local Maori legend states that the stones are actually baskets of eels washed aground after a massive canoe was swallowed up by the surrounding sea.

Crooked Forest

Incredible natural wonders: No one has yet been able to explain the strange crooked forest in Poland

This whimsical forest in Poland is made up of hundreds of peculiar trees shaped like upside-down question marks. To this day, arborists still haven’t deciphered the mystery behind them.

Frozen Sea

Incredible natural wonders: The water around Lulea, Sweden turn into a thick sheet of ice every year
Source: mylifeisswede

Every winter, the waters around Lulea, Sweden turn into a thick sheet of ice. In fact, you might have trouble figuring out where the town ends and the sea begins.

Marble Caves

Incredible natural wonders: These marble caves might look fake, but they're actually real

Stretched out across a lake on the border between Argentina and Chile lie a series of caves formed atop solid marble. Within them lie networks of marble structures surrounded by crisp, cerulean waters. True beauty comes with age, and it took these caves seven millennia to look this good.


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