This Couple’s Request For Random Acts of Kindness Will Warm Your Heart

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More often than not, couples will provide their wedding guests with a gift list filled with present ideas. A two-slice toaster? Matching monogrammed dressing gowns? But one Florida-based couple decided to do things a bit different for their wedding in September this year. Each of their 100 guests received an adorable invitation with the following:

“If you are so inclined, please do a random act of kindness sometime between now and the wedding and use the hashtag #kindleigheverafter on social media.”

Can we get a collective “awww”? Leigh and James Clark’s request for guests to carry out their own random acts of kindness has just about made our week. The idea was inspired by Leigh’s own random acts of kindness during Christmas three years ago. The newlywed decided to spread a little festive cheer by giving out food to the homeless and dropping off goods to hospitals in her local area. Nowadays, she also uses a portion of sales from her Etsy shop to carry out random acts of kindness on a regular basis.

The newlyweds' request for guests to carry out random acts of kindness has quickly gone viral
Credit: Leigh Clark

A month on from the wedding, the couple are still surprised by the impact their request has had – and now the story is quickly going viral, it’s inspiring people all over the world to take part too.

Leigh told ABC News that her wedding guests had a lot of fun with the request, with around 25-30 guests having taking part already. She said: “I find that every time someone does a random act of kindness, they’re amazed at how much they benefit as much as the person they’re helping.”

These random acts of kindness are so inspiring

Seriously. They’re making us want to go out right now and start looking for stray cats in the centre of London to feed.

Amongst the random acts of kindness carried out included this one from Emily Schairer, a bridesmaid, and her daughter Chloe. The duo decided to take along pet supplies to a local animal shelter.

Random acts of kindness also involved guests taking their kids along for their ride
Credit: Leigh Clark

Leigh’s childhood friend, Jillian Bhatia, has taught her kids about volunteering and delivering acts of kindness since they were young. So the family all pitched in to donate supplies to a local women’s shelter:

Random Acts of Kindness: this family decided to take along supplies to a women's shelter
Credit: Leigh Clark

Another guest bought lunch for the person behind him in line at Tim Hortons. Meanwhile, someone else swapped his upgraded airplane seat so a separated family could all sit together. One friend even made time on a busy day to make use of her bicycle expertise – the mother stopped with her kids in order to help out a family load a new bike into their small car.

The newlyweds also joined in with the random acts of kindness, donating the flowers from their wedding to local hospital patients and nursing homes.

Credit: Leigh Clark

Ahhh. This adorable story has warmed our hearts on this cold morning in London. Here’s hoping these random acts of kindness requests will become the norm –this is one viral trend we could definitely get behind.

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