These Re-Cuts of The Office Are Brilliant

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Have you ever watched The Office and thought, hmm, this could really work as a thriller? No? How about as a murder mystery or a film noir? Yeah, us neither. Well, that was until we spent a good part of our workday going through re-cuts. And let us tell you, these re-cuts of The Office are pretty damn awesome. It’s a good thing we have these, as we’ve just been fired for wasting time. Great.

Murder Mystery Re-Cut

What can we say about this? Brilliantly conceived, and brilliantly executed. We just can’t quite believe the date this was made. Yes, February 2007. The most chilling element is probably when Michael Scott is filming a message to his future son. That bit terrifies us. As does Creed’s comment about Dwight!

Film Noir Re-Cut

Dwight Schrute as a private investigator makes so much sense. This is a wonderfully smooth film noir re-cut. More than that, the music really adds to it. Seriously, just watch it. It’s absolutely awesome. Let’s hope that someone picks this up as a spin-off.

Crime Thriller Re-Cut

We never realised how many of the scenes in The Office double up in meaning. Some of these scenes seem quite nefarious when you isolate them and change the music around. We guess that’s pretty much the point, yet still it’s chilling.


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