This Guy’s Made a Thor Hammer – That Only He Can Pick Up

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Fans of the Avengers/Norse mythology will no doubt be pretty familiar with Mjölnir. Nope, it’s not the next big singer from Iceland; it’s the name of the hammer used by Thor. AKA the Norse god associated with thunder. AKA Chris Hemsworth in those movies.

A guy's made a real Thor hammer that only he can pick up. Chris Hemsworth will be pissed.

Yeah, him.

Translated as ‘The Crusher’ or ‘The Grinder’ in English, Mjölnir has some pretty nifty features up its sleeve. It has enough force to ‘destroy mountains’. It can ‘travel through planets to return to Thor’. Oh, and it can also create its own antimatter particles. In other words, it’s pretty much the weapon that everybody wants.

There are only two snags: first, Mjölnir can only be picked up by those deemed worthy enough to do so. The second: it doesn’t actually exist…or does it?

I’m sure Thor fans will understand just how excited we were when we saw this video, uploaded to YouTube by the user Sufficiently Advanced earlier this month. Why? Because in it a guy shows how he’s made his very own real Thor hammer – that only HE can pick up. He even takes to the streets of LA to encourage people to give it a go. And, aside from some wise-guy right at the very end, they’re all completely flummoxed. It’s pretty darn hilarious.

Here’s the four-minute video in full:

We particularly love the guy at 2:45 who’s so confident he’ll be able to prove he’s THE MAN…followed by cries of, “Oh, no!” as he fails miserably.

As much as we wish this was a real Thor hammer, it is, of course, tech trickery. The hammer uses a capacitive touch sensor, an electromagnet and a fingerprint scanner registered to the guy’s very own thumbprints. It’s not the kind of thing that we could knock up ourselves in our back room, so we’re kind of hoping he’ll take commissions and make us one. Because just how awesome would this be at fancy dress parties?!

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