These 12 Realistic Cartoon Characters Are Incredible

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From Rugrats to Futurama, we’ve grown up with cartoons in our lives since we were tiny. These fan art pieces put a unique spin on our favourite characters, imagining what they would look like in the real world. And some of them quite simply blew us away. Just take a look at some of our favourite realistic cartoon characters from around the web:

1. The Simpsons

Gone are the yellow complexions in this image from Soposoposopo. Homer pretty much looks like Bruce Willis. And Moe looks like Uncle Fester with hair. Good combo.

Realistic cartoon characters: The Simpsons

2. Futurama

We’re huge fans of the TV show. But this fan art from leopinheiro makes us seriously crave a live-action Futurama movie.

Realistic cartoon characters: Futurama

3. Ariel

The Littler Mermaid: arguably one of the most beautiful Disney characters out there. And this image from serafleur makes us stand by that statement even more.

Realistic cartoon characters: Ariel