Remember The Kinder Kid? Here’s What He Looks Like Now…

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Ah, Kinder: that sweet, milk and white chocolate elixir that always stood out above all the rest. To be fair, it still does. We’d much rather chomp down on a Kinder surprise than a Fruit and Nut bar. You don’t even get a toy at the end of that, WTF!

But now we’ve been alerted to a fact that’s far bigger than all of us put together. Remember the Kinder kid? The kid who adorned our favourite chocolate packs? The kid with the impossibly blue eyes and smooth face? This is what the Kinder Kid looks like now

Yeah, that one.

For years we believed he was just a computer animated creature. I mean, no one can really look that airbrushed and be real, can they? But, as it turns out, he was actually real all along! And now he’s all grown up. And we feel incredibly old. Now aged 21, the British former child model (called Josh Bateson) looks rather different 11 years on.

This is what the Kinder Kid looks like now

Are you really ready for this? Here we go:

This is what the Kinder Kid looks like now

This is what the Kinder Kid looks like now

Strong brow game. Definitely on fleek.

We’ve never seen someone who so closely resembles a walking Photoshop mannequin. His skin looks so smooth. Is that a weird thing to say? OK, I’ll move on.

Since graduating from the world of Kinder chocolate modelling, Josh has enrolled at Loughborough University where he is studying politics and international relations. But just recently his former persona has come to light, and his face has been doing the rounds on news sites across Europe.

If you’re after more pictures, check out his Instagram page, where he currently has over 62,000 followers. Oh, and to answer the question I bet you’re all dying to know – yes, he is, apparently, single.

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