This Man Is Locked In A Hotel Room Listening To Nothing But Rick Astley

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“Rick Astley is probably not going to be my best friend by Monday afternoon.”

23 year-old Jack White is spending four whole days locked in a hotel room listening to Rick Astley on repeat. That’s 2,500 times in case you’re wondering. Thankfully it’s for a good reason: it’s all in the name of charity.

Would you listen to Rick Astley for charity?

He’s coined the campaign ‘Jack in a Box’ given that he’ll be stuck in solitary confinement with nothing but Rick’s sweet tones for company. He’s not allowed to speak, read, browse the net or even have a bath for the duration of the challenge.

Why would anyone ever want to do this?

He’s subjecting himself to this form of torture to raise money to support charity JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and those with type 1 diabetes, which his nephew suffers from. What a champ. I predict that the average human would last a maximum of 7 repeats before being driven completely insane. But not Jack. He is willing to listen to Rick Astley for charity, and we sure as hell admire that.

Jack White, 23, is listening to Rick Astley for charity
Credit: YouTube

And, err, why Rick Astley?

Following an online poll, it was decided that Jack would listen to nothing but Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up for the sole reason that it’s probably the most annoying song in the whole wide world. Which does sound like the most terrifying prospect, but when you consider that the other option was Let It Go, the horror version, then it’s actually the best of a bad situation.

The ‘Jack in a Box’ Facebook team have released a schedule of events, beginning with a Disney quiz, in which he’ll be subjected to horrible food for incorrect answers.

It’s all being filmed live on YouTube, so if you want to track his progress, or even just listen to Rick Astley for a bit, then check it out.

So far, he’s raised over 75% of his target of £2,000. You can sponsor him over on his Just Giving page. Good on you, Jack.


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