There’s A Go Fund Me Page To Rescue Matt Damon From Mars

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For those who don’t know, Go Fund Me is a way for people to raise money for a project or cause. Most use the site as a way to launch a new business, or raise some much-needed dosh for a medical bill. But sometimes some campaigns come up that are more in need of support than others. Ones that tug on the heartstrings and stir up a charitable desire to help that you may not have ever experienced before. Such a case has just come to our attention.

Rescue Matt Damon From Mars

This is one ridiculous crowdfunding campaign we could seriously get behind. As many of you will have heard, Matt Damon has been left on Mars for his most recent role in The Martian. He was presumed dead following a space storm, and his fellow astronauts did what any one of us would have done in their situation. They left Matt. Alone. In Space. Forever.

Go Fund Me user, Kyle Douglas, refuses to let the world forget that he’s there and has started a campaign to raise money to bring him back to Earth. (Spoiler: we’re assuming he hasn’t yet seen the actual film…).

Ridiculous crowdfunding campaign: Taking things too far? There's now a Go Fund Me page to rescue Matt Damon from Mars
Credit: Go Fund Me

The page gives an solid pitch as to why it needs your help:

‘One of the greatest actors in Hollywood is currently trapped on Mars after a failed exploration. We need Matt back on earth because he is due to be in another “Bourne” movie. Matt is also a loyal friend to another Hollywood great Ben Affleck who needs Matt Damon’s support as he goes through a divorce.

But sadly, only $10 dollars has been raised so far out of the $99 million needed to fund his safe return. Gutted.

People have also taken to Twitter to show their support, but it’s just not enough.

It’s not the first ridiculous crowdfunding campaign

OK, when we say ‘ridiculous’, we mean ‘pretty darn hilarious.’ But still: Kyle Douglas isn’t the only person setting up Go Fund Me pages for the LOLZ. Earlier in the year, rumoured pricing for Kanye West x Adidas Originals YEEZY Season 1 collection of clothes went online. With plain sweatshirts and jumpers costing over $1,000, Kayne’s clothes sure weren’t cheap.

User ‘Broke Homie’ created a Go Fund Me page, which he named ‘Help Me Buy Clothes From Kanye’.

‘Yeezus dropped a clothing line but I think Kanye forgot we’re not all Kardashians and I need y’all to put some money together so I can cop some of these fresh ‘walking dead couture’ from Donda’s son’ – Broke Homie

Ridiculous crowdfunding campaign: Even better than a Go Fund Me page to rescue Matt Damon, is one to help buy Kanye West's new clothing line. Yep.

Surprisingly, there was one donation of $200 to the cause. Which let’s face it, was probably Broke Homie, who we bet isn’t that broke.

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