Can You Get Through These Sad Facts Without Shedding a Tear?

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1.”Whales that sing in the wrong key get lost and are alone in the ocean.” – Mixtapeshuffle

2. “Cows have best friends. So when the friend is gone the cow becomes depressed.” – unkyrona

11 sad facts that will make you cry

3. “The rescue dogs at the world trade center were so depressed by the lack of victims rescued that they would plant “victims” for the dogs to find to try to cheer them up.” – lukepa

4. “In 2012, one of the most-requested Christmas gifts (by children in the United Kingdom) was “A father.” “– RamsesThePigeon

5. “The Mars Rover celebrates its own birthday by singing “Happy Birthday” to itself.” – RamsesThePigeon

Sad facts: Imagine spending your birthday on another planet. All by yourself.

6. “If you’re really lucky, you meet the right person, and then you live together until one of you dies. And that is considered to be the best case scenario.” – NotSoGreatGonzo

7. “Dolphins sometimes kill their cubs and play with the corpse.” – toosah

8. “The number of vacant homes in the US outnumbers the homeless by more than 20-to-1.” – Jux_

9. “40% of the food produced in the world is wasted. There’s people starving on every corner of the globe, and yet we throw away almost half of what someone with a hungry belly could eat.” – Retroscribe

10. “Swans are monogamous. There was a swan who fell in love with one of those swan-shaped boats and then got moved to a different sanctuary and got very depressed.” – SuperDuper125

11 sad facts that will make you cry

And possibly the saddest one of all:

11. “When sea otters are teaching their young to dive for clams and food, sometimes the young otter will pick up pebbles or shells and give them to their mothers by mistake, which they will hold on to in their pouch as a memento. If they child dies somehow or is lost in the ocean, the mother will cry and grieve over their lost child for days. The mother will then hold onto the pebble or shell or any belonging that reminded them of the child for the rest of their lives. When mother sea otters are found, they are often carrying a pebble or shell in their pouch.” – Owlexwizardwolf

11 sad facts that will make you cry

Yep. Be right back, just off to drain my tears.

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