Absolutely Terrifying Scary Stories Told in 5 Words

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It’s almost that time of year again. The time when shoddily cut pumpkins line the streets. Every TV channel is inundated with all the scary movies from the last 50 years. Ahh, we love Halloween. But, more than anything, we LOVE the scares. We’re not just talking about the kind of scare that gives us a little jump and a missed heartbeat. We’re talking the kind of scare that keeps us up at night, checking behind pieces of furniture and getting someone to accompany us to the toilet. They’re the best kinds of scares.

Scary stories in five words

Luckily, scares don’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Sometimes it’s the little things that can send chills down your spill. Or, in the case of the following stories, sometimes it just takes five little words.

Twitter users have been at it again with the trending hashtag of ‘‘. Started up by American improv show @Midnight (that’s not us thinking we’re on Twitter – that’s genuinely what it’s called…), the hashtag has seen Tweeters from all over the globe sharing their scary stories in five words. Not going to lie, 90% of them were to do with One Direction splitting up. It was pretty tedious to get through those. But there were a good few 10%, many of which ooze with modern-day satire that’ll get you a little bit terrified about what the future has in store for us.

Below we’ve collated some of the scariest scary stories in five words that we could find on the web. If you can think of anything better, let us know over on our Facebook page.














And then there are the ones we made up ourselves…

14. Buried alive. No help around.

15. I’m awake Doctor. Please notice.

16. Where did that corpse go?

17. Your body’s dead; the brain isn’t.

18. The snake recoiled, then lunged.

But of all of them, this is the one us Brits will find most horrifying:

OK, now that one’s a bit too much. Sorry guys.

Scary stories in five words: Don't joke about the milk, guys.
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