Watch The Seinfeld Cast’s Messages To a Dying Superfan

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Every time we look back at Seinfeld – you know, the best sitcom of all time – it becomes clearer and clearer that they valued the self-enforced ‘no hugging, no learning’ rule really highly. It was a watershed moment when Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld decided to create that rule. Because it changed the scope and tone of what sitcoms could be forever.

So throughout the nine seasons, it was evidently clear that the comedy came first. I mean, which other show before it killed off one of a main character’s spouse – by licking a poisonous envelope, no less – only for that character to get over it instantly and be happier than before?

Despite that, The Daily Dot are reporting on a lovely story relating to Seinfeld. When 67-year-old superfan Jim Calder was given a terminal lung cancer diagnosis, his wife and son thought it would be amazing if the cast could record a birthday message for him. They reached out to the Seinfeld cast on social media and a whole bunch of them agreed to take part.

In fact, Michael Richards, who played Kramer, asked to have a call with Jim on the day so he could wish him a happy birthday. Unfortunately, Jim would never receive the call, as he was too ill on the day. But this was such a sweet gesture from the Seinfeld cast. Watch their videos below and on the next few pages.


Julia Louis-Dreyfus is one of our favourite comedy actors around. Although she swapped Seinfeld for the Senate, and done so well as Selina Meyer, she’ll always be Elaine to us. She really owned that role and opened doors to other female comedians in the 90s. Beyond her acting skills, she also comes across as such a lovely person, so it’s no surprise she recorded this message for Jim.