All Hail Darwinism! Selfies Now Kill More People Than Sharks

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Have you heard the news? No? Still too busy looking at #PigGate memes? We can’t blame you. But can we divert your attention to some urgent news? Selfies now kill more people than sharks. Yes, selfies now kill more people than sharks! And we just knew this day was coming. It just had to. Because, well, natural selection, innit. There was no way that incessantly taking selfies was going to be good for anything other than getting you deleted from your friends’ Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Selfies Now Kill More People Than Sharks

Selfies now kill more people than sharks

The story broke after yet another death as a consequence of a badly thought-out selfie opportunity. A 66-year-old Japanese tourist was the unfortunate victim of selfie-blindness when he fell down the stairs to his death at the Taj Mahal. Yeah, it sounds like a joke, but we’re finding it hard to see a funny side. That latest death puts the count at around 12 incidents whereby selfies can be attributed as a major factor in someone’s passing. That compares to just 8 fatal shark attacks this year.

Most of the selfie deaths actually relate to falling – down stairs, off a ledge or even from some crumbling cliff-face. People are seemingly becoming more daring in order to capture a shot that can garner them lots of likes, and inadvertently risking their lives. Things have gotten to such a state that in July the Russian interior minister actually produced a brochure that advised people not to risk their lives taking ‘cool selfies’. Most of it focused on the fact that there was a fad for posing for a selfie with a gun by your head. Yeah, talk about Russian roulette.


Selfies now kill more people than sharks

Selfie-mania doesn’t even seem to be fading, though. The Daily Mail, yes we know, have today published a story about how health insurers are increasingly using facial analyses to determine premiums for their consumers. The way they’re doing this? You’ve guessed it – through selfies.

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