Sexist Footballer Taught Lesson In An Amazing Way

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For many people, 2015 has been quite a strange year. Mainly because at every juncture, and with every news story, someone has been offended by something. Even when it’s a vanilla news story about a man falling off his bike or something. You know the kind of stories that we mean; it’s essentially political correctness gone absolutely mental. So it fills our hearts with joy to read about some vintage and unadulterated sexism. We’re almost gender equality hipsters – yearning for the past where everything was clearly black and white (that’s another issue, altogether).

Sexist Footballer Gets Just Desserts

sexist footballer gets a good punishment

The news story focuses on the trials and tribulations of a young sexist footballer who plays for Fortuna Dusseldorf. He goes by the name of Kerem Demirbay and he’s a very naughty boy. A few weeks back, in a game against FSV Frankfurt, he produced a man-of-the-match performance to lead his team to victory and the spoils. And by spoils we mean he put them into a bit of disrepute by getting himself sent off, and then levelling a sexist remark at the female referee.

The 22-year-old, who is on loan from Hamburg, said to Bibiana Steinhaus that he believed that “women have no place in men’s football”. For that comment he not only got a 5-match ban (2 of those games suspended) but Dusseldorf’s CEO Paul Jaeger decided that he deserved bigger punishment. He said: “It would be a good thing, if he really wants to prove his true opinion of women, if he goes to a girls’ football match – as a referee.”

This Is What Happens When a Young Player Makes a Mistake

Sexist footballer and steinhaus

And this past weekend, that’s what he did! Check out the pictures below. Justice is served. If you don’t happen to speak the romantic German language, then the caption says, “This is what happens when a young player makes a mistake!”. Boom!

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