8 Times You Wished You Were Shia Labeouf

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Shia LaBeouf. You’re our hero. You don’t subscribe to the laws and norms of regular people. You have your own idea of what it means to be alive. And we really value that. We used to watch you on Even Stevens in the early 00s, despite the fact that we may have been slightly too old to do so. But that’s just what happens when you have a younger sibling. From then, we watched you grow as a person, and as a man and we’re here to say we’re really proud. So we’ve compiled a list of the 8 times we wished we were you. Oh, please baby Jesus make it come true. Just do it!!!

1. Just Do It

Oh my god. My life had been in such a trough, and I hadn’t realised it till I watched this epic video. This really changed the way I perceive the world and how I motivated myself to stop being such a waste-of-space. Thank you Shia, you’ve completely changed the way I think about life.

2. Daft Punk Remix

The only improvement that could’ve been made on the original video was for there to be a musical accompaniment, so we can listen to it when we pretend to go for a run. Thankfully someone answered our prayers and made this great Shia/Daft Punk mash-up. Thank you.

3. That Amazing Story

Oh Shia, this day out sounds unlike any day I’ve ever had. I also love that you totally remember all the details. Especially which World Cup game you were watching. And that you started smoking in the theatre. Awesome.

4. Paper Bagging It

Shia LaBeouf crazy moments

After being wound up online, and facing really harsh criticism, Shia decided he was no longer famous. Or did he? He actually masterminded a PR move that made him even more famous than he was before.

5. Dancing To Sia

Shia LaBeouf crazy moments

Yeah…We didn’t really think Shia could get any more talented. But to be an awesome dancer? He was so good, he made his partner look like a little girl.

6. THAT English Accent

Unlike Shia, we’re terrible at accents. Seriously terrible. It’s just not fair that he’s this good. Ffff.

7. He Loves Eric Cantona

Ooh ah, Cantona, left your knickers in your boyfriend’s car? Well Shia didn’t because he’s so damn serious. This is an incredible quote for him to have chosen to repeat. And a pretty bizarre one. But mostly cool. There just aren’t enough Shia LaBeouf crazy moments to go round.

8. Plagiarism

Shia LaBeouf crazy moments

He’s a visionary. A true artiste. He takes ideas and reimagines them in such a vivid, lucid way. So, so smart. Yeah do one Daniel Clowes (not really, we love you).


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