5 Shocking Pranks That Went WAY Too Far

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‘Devil in the house’ prank

Things turned a little sour when a prank on a prankster resulted in fainting and hoards of tears. Yousef usually gets his kicks out of scaring other people, but it turns out that he didn’t like being the butt of the joke. Awkward. (Skip to 2:13 to see his epic reaction.)

Poor Yousef, later posts a comment explaining:

“Never in a million years did I want them to post this. I’m crying like someone who just finished all seasons of their show on netflix and realized that they have to do something with their life now. But after talking with my friends, they made me feel bad how I openly prank people in some of the most mean ways.”

Nice simile there, Yousef. I doubt you’ll be watching any horror films for a while though, eh?