Shopping Secrets The Big Companies Don’t Want You To Know

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When it comes to taking our money, big companies have a handful of tricks up their sleeves. From careful positioning in supermarkets, to ‘33% off’ offers that are sometimes just too good to be true, shopping secrets are used all day every day to get more of our money. And we’re kind of sick of it.

Luckily, that’s where Reddit has come to the rescue once again. In a thread all about tricks that “they” don’t want you to know, Redditers from all over the globe have been sharing their life hacks and shopping secrets to help us save money – and not be fooled by big companies’ tricks. Here’s a selection of our favourite tips:

Make use of your incognito browser – for just about everything

Starting off our list of shopping secrets is this simple one, which really can help. Does the newspaper you enjoy reading online use a paywall? If you’re fed up with only being able to read a certain number of newspaper articles a week, there’s a simple solution: just browse incognito to get past it.

And if you’re going to book a holiday online, always remain incognito. The holiday company will track how often you look at different holidays, and if they think you are interested (i.e if you’re returning to the same page a few times), they will bump up the price.

Wanting to avoid hotel cancellation fees?

If you want to cancel your hotel room last minute but there’s a cancellation fee, call and change your reservation to a few weeks later. Then just call later and cancel it.

Some of these shopping secrets can help you get out of paying awkward cancellation fees.

Social media is your friend

A little out of place on a list of shopping secrets, you may argue – but this is one thing that people don’t do enough. Is it because we’re too British? Basically, if you want to get an immediate response from a big company, call them out on Twitter or Facebook. Because it’s so public, someone will be sure to get in touch with you ASAP.

Don’t waste your money on expensive cleaning products

Vinegar can replace pretty much all of them. Use this guide to see how vinegar can be used to clean everything from your microwave to your curtains and windows.

Beware of supermarket tactics

Supermarkets keep staple items (such as vegetables, bread and milk) as far away from each other as possible – all to encourage you to walk up and down the aisles, picking up other items. If you go to the same supermarkets all the time, make sure you know where those staples are. It’ll save you getting tempted by things you don’t really need.

Even your local supermarket has some shopping secrets up its sleeve

Don’t buy anything online straightaway…

If you’re going to make a purchase with an online retailer, it’s often worth putting the items in your cart, then leaving the site for a little while. Some sites will contact you with a special offer or discount code in an attempt to persuade you back into making that purchase you were going to make. It doesn’t always work, but it can save you a few quid when it does.

Get cheaper airfares

Shopping secrets that help you save on your holiday are in real demand. Luckily, this is a good tip. A really cheap way to fly to places that usually cost way more to get to is to buy a cheaper ticket to some other place – possibly with a different airline – that makes a connection in the airport you want to end up in. Then you just get off there and don’t get back onto the flight. Sneaky? Yes. Cheaper? Usually.

Shopping secrets: save a pretty penny on your holidays by using incognito browsers to book your flights

And finally – a tip for when you’re put ‘on hold’

When you’re on hold and you don’t hear music, you’re on a ‘soft hold’. This means that the person helping you can hear everything you say. So basically, if you can drop in some kind of nicety aimed towards the operator, that can only help.

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