Six Asteroids Are On Their Way To Destroy Earth

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If you have the opportunity to be away from earth between 21st-28th September 2015, take it. Because our little third rock from the sun is doomed. Destined to be nothing more than a desolate post-apocalyptic land. Well, that’s according to those doom-mongers who have combined two and two and got six asteroids.

Subscribers to the Blood Moon Prophecy believe that this year’s meteorological phenomenon of recurring red-tinted moons are signalling something bigger. That something is either the return of Jesus or the end of the world, depending on which strand of the prophecy you believe in.

The reason the date range of 21st-28th September has been marked out is because that falls when the fourth (of four) blood moons rears its ugly head. This mystical alignment of the sun and moon and other crap has only happened a few times over the last few thousand years, so obviously all the crazies are out in force for this one.

This prophecy is in large part down to self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ Reverend Efraid Rodriguez, whose video you can see above. Are you Efraid yet? You should be, especially if you live near Puerto Rico, where the asteroids are supposed to land.

But, since this story broke, NASA have been forced to comment on the conspiracy theory and have said there’s almost no chance that any of this is real. Oh well.