Skinny Jeans For Men With Too Much Junk In Their Trunk

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Skinny jeans are a staple in the wardrobes all over the world. They’re just so darn flattering and easy to wear. However, all is not as it seems. A sad and lonely secret lurks in both the minds and the baggy jeans of many men. Not everyone is able to experience the wonder of tight-fitting, thigh-hugging, calf-sculpting denim, and I’m pretty sure you can guess why.

Well, that’s not a REAL problem now, is it?

But just imagine how it feels to look like this:

Ditch the baggy denim and embrace skinny jeans for well endowed men

When you know you could look like this?

A questionable example of skinny jeans for well endowed men
Credit: Wireimage

But srsly though, it’s a real problem.

Every single day, men up and down the country have to witness other men wearing skinny jeans, and think ‘if only’. But now, finally, these men have hope because skinny jeans for well endowed men are now officially a thing.

Back in 2012, an American company were first to identify the need for skinny jeans with additional crotch space. The only downside is that the brand was named ‘Hot Child’, and the jeans named ‘junk jeans’, which means if someone were to say, ‘hey, cool jeans, what are they?’ You’d have to say, ‘Well Stan, they’re my Hot Child Junk Jeans’. Their imagery was also a little bit erotic, which made it weird.

A far too erotic depiction of skinny jeans for well endowed men
Credit: HotChild

Thankfully, Mugsy Jeans have now jumped on the bandwagon and are on a mission to relieve uncomfortable groins everywhere with their slogan ‘Free your balls’. They felt a need to intervene in the jeans market, explaining that ‘We found plenty of slim fit jeans, but all of them made us feel… how should we put this… like our groins were being choked out by Hulk Hogan.’

Proof that skinny jeans for well endowed men can look super cool
Credit: Mugsy Jeans

They’re actually pretty good too and it’s clear they’ve thought long and hard about putting the comfort of your bits at the forefront of their designs.

The science behind skinny jeans for well endowed men
Credit: Mugsy Jeans

Scientific reports have reported that wearing jeans that are too tight can actually cause health problems over a prolonged period of time. So as well as looking super stylish, you can also preserve your most prized assets. A victory for men everywhere.


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