Our Sports Personality of The Year

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It doesn’t really need saying, but 2015 has been a pretty eventful year for sports. We’ve watched many momentous occasions from Chelsea’s metamorphosis of winning a double to sacking Mourinho again to Lewis Hamilton’s career-defining third F1 championship and been enthralled all the way through. To commemorate the incredible year we thought it was wise to pick a sports personality of the year. Just like the BBC do. But our one won’t just be on sporting achievement, it will be on sporting entertainment. But first, the runners up…

Diego Costa

diego costa is our sports personality of the year

Sure he might be a massive dick. And sure he might look like the new version of Jesus. And sure he’s wavered between hero and villain at an unbelievable frequency. But there’s something so amazing about his Machiavellian nature that makes him so interesting to watch. He jabbed, gouged and stepped on opponents to win the double with Chelsea. That’s before realising that he could make a career out of the more nefarious parts of his repertoire. Diego, we salute you, but you’re not our sports personality of the year this time.

Tyson Fury

tyson fury is our sports personality of the year

Tyson Fury. Yep. Apparently that’s his actual name. He looks and sounds like a Street Fighter character. And he’s allegedly a misogynist and a homophobe. But he’s pretty good at punching people, so yeah, there’s that. But he’s not our sports personality of the year.

Nick Kyrgios

nick kyrgios is our sports personality of the year

Our winner is a bit of a controversial choice. For so many reasons. But the action that sealed the deal were the events that unfolded in his Rogers Cup match against Stan Wawrinka in Montreal. I don’t even know how to describe the incident, but essentially, human cockatoo Nick Kyrgios, shouted over the court at Wawrinka to tell him that another player called Kokkanakis had ‘banged’ Stan’s girlfriend.