Do You Believe In Square Dogs?

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How much do you love your pet? Sorry, we realise that’s quite an intense opening gambit. But we need to know whether it’s enough for you to take on this ever popular Taiwanese trend. You know, the one where your beloved pooch can be trimmed topiary style to don an impressive square or circle-shaped haircut? Maybe the story of the rise of the square dog will pique your interest.

Where Have Square Dogs Come From?

square dogs are ridiculous

The weird thing about the square dogs trend is that it became popular with Taiwanese pet owners almost randomly overnight. It seemed to have sprung up in spring and has caught wind to become a thing in the Asian island nation. It seems to have been sparked by some pretty hilarious pictures, a camera, and a couple of social media accounts. These terribly cute pooches get their fair share of clicks and likes on Twitter and Facebook when their images were posted.

The attention-grabbing look has canine hairdressers busy in Taipei creating customized makeovers for their furry customers. The poochy salons in Taipei have grown in popularity and owners keep coming back for more. Pet owners need to own a pooch that has a thick coat of fur. Hairdressers need ample fur on the face and body to work with and shape. Not every breed of dog is a candidate. And be warned that the cut will quickly grow out and is a bit of a high-maintenance look.

An adorable brown pooch, sits stoically, unfazed by the scissors coming at its face. The dog is then transformed into ‘perfect pooch’ by skilled groomer, the short video in fast-motion captures the tweaks and adjustments that it takes for a canine groomer to get the shape just right. A snip here, some shaping there, and the gentle brown eyes peer out of a perfectly circle-shaped head. Not all dogs grace groomers with such an easy going countenance. There are a few that sport a grimace or two along the way.

But, Why? Seriously?

square dogs are amazing

Ho Ming Fua, or Xiang Mo, made this grooming style into a viral sensation. His grooming shop is the place to go for these special-request styles. Xiang Mo first blow dries his client and then designs the head shape. He invests into getting the perfect square shape. His collection of tools, including a pair of specialized grooming scissors that cost approximately $3,000, offer him the ability to get a client’s cut just right. Square and circles are only a few topiary requests that he completes for pet owners. He has 13 years of experience and shapes canine noggins into triangles, flowers and additional possibilities. He continues to push the envelope and said:

“I want to improve my skills. These days, I’m working on cut in the shape of an [old model] Apple computer monitor, which looks round from the back. I want to perfect it, so I won’t start teaching others until I think the style is ready.”

Are we set to take on the square dogs trend? With many pet owners looking for something new and unusual to showcase their pets, and let’s face it, themselves, plus the need to upload every shareable moment, we may be prime candidates to get swept up in this pet grooming trend.

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