Disney Needs To Chill With All The Star Wars Merchandise

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With just days before cinema doors fly open for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Disney is seriously keen to make sure we don’t forget it. It’s not like we need reminding. It’s probably the most anticipated movie in years.

When it was announced in 2013 that a new Star Wars movie would be filmed, the whole world erupted into feverish excitement. And we’ve all been buzzing ever since. In fact, we’ve pretty much just been BB-8 for months on end.

Star Wars merchandise: when is too much too much?

What was it going to be about? Would Luke Skywalker be involved? And more importantly, would everybody’s favourite character, Jar Jar Binks, be brought back? OK, maybe not that last one.

But now, in a bid to remind us that the movie of the century is about to be released, Disney has plastered the whole world and its wife with Star Wars merchandise. Nothing’s safe.  Not even innocent oranges.

Star Wars Merchandise: Oranges this time
Source: Twitter, @supjess__

I mean, is nothing sacred anymore? Just the other day we were sipping on a bottle of water and we were greeted with the face of Darth Vader. We just can’t escape it!

Star Wars merchandise: Water, anyone?
Source: Twitter @spacechelle

But that’s not all. We’ve even got Star Wars stamps. Star Wars Duracell batteries. Star Wars laptops. Star Wars grapes. Star Wars razors. In the RiseFeed office, we even have Star Wars baubles on our tree. You name pretty much anything in the world, plonk ‘Star Wars’ in front of it, and it probably exists.

As a Brit, I’m shocked to see that even tea infusers aren’t immune to the Star Wars touch. I mean, where did the inspiration come for that? Did they just stare at the Death Star until they could name something that vaguely looked like it in the real world?

Star Wars merchandise: a Death Tea tea infuser. Please. STOP.
Source: Twitter, @brandanddeliver

OK, let’s get this into some sort of perspective. Things could be worse. They could have Star Wars lightsaber BBQ tongs. Or Star Wars make-up. Or Star Wars apples…

Star Wars merchandise: BBQ tongs!
Source: Twitter, @justtakemymoney
Star Wars merchandise: APPLES.
Source: Twitter, @jay__all__day
Star Wars merchandise: mascara
Source: reddit.com

…Oh, FFS, Disney.

Seriously. What’s with all the Star Wars merchandise?

One way to look at it is that, with a $200 million budget, they’ve got to make their money back somehow. But do they really need to make all that effort? The ticket sales from the first hour of release alone will probably send them into the profit-sphere. Maybe they’re just trying to be overly inclusive by making sure that absolutely everything that anyone could ever possibly want has some form of Star Wars advertising on it? Or maybe it’s just the work of Jar Jar Binks? He definitely knows how to be annoying.

Whatever the reason, Disney really needs to chill the hell out.

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