Star Wars or Superman? Star Wars or Superman? Star Wars or Superman?

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It’s a question I’ve been asking myself since I was a child: is that Star Wars or Superman theme music? I surely can’t be the only one that has such a hard time differentiating between them. To my ears, they almost sound exactly the same. But why is that?

Star Wars or Superman?

Firstly, watch the video directly below. How frighteningly similar are the two pieces of music?

I guess to an untrained ear like mine they sound quite similar because they both have a march-like quality. I believe they’re also in the same key (C major) and heavily use violins to construct the core melody. There are also strong middle-sections that are punctuated by the sound of woodwind instruments. But then again maybe to those who don’t know much about the kind of music I like, like say…A Tribe Called Quest, think all their songs sound the same. Which I guess they sort of do.

star wars or superman

But more importantly than all is that they’re also composed by the same person. That man is John Williams, the esteemed composer of not only Star Wars and Superman, but also the kick-ass Indiana Jones soundtrack and frightening Jurassic Park music. He has a signature style of using triplets within military inspired beats that works so well on the big screen.

Have you ever got these two confused? Let us know your thoughts below.