Strictly Come Dancing Curses We Would Totally Welcome

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Each new season of Strictly Come Dancing seems to bring with it its own fare share of controversies – most commonly in the form of couples splitting up all over the place. Not one to buck the trend, Call The Midwife Star Helen George is the latest star to fall victim to the Strictly Curse, announcing her divorce before the next season has even started.

Now, I don’t know about you, but we’re getting kinda bored of all this breaking up. Flavia and Vincent? Kara and Artem? Yawn. The following, however, are Strictly curses we would actually really like to see happen:

Judy Murray to perform weekly

That’s ‘weekly’, not ‘weakly’, but I guess they’re both interchangeable for poor old Mrs. Murray.

Andy Murray’s supermum was the laughing stock of the Strictly ballroom thanks to her wooden moves and her complete inability to, well, dance. But we reckon there was something rather adorable about her Cha Cha and Tango, even if she did make them all look completely the same.

So, why don’t we give Judy the chance to showcase her moves on the show every week? At the very least, it would give us a clear window to boil the kettle.

Curse of the A Listers


Be honest. How many of this year’s contestants have you actually heard of? While Peter Andre’s presence will please fans of the 90s (do they actually exist?), it would be pretty epic to see stars such as Benedict Cumberbatch or Jennifer Lawrence prancing around the Blackpool Ballroom.

Play Your Bruce Right

Bruce Forsyth hosted Strictly Come Dancing until 2014 - but we think he should be brought back
Credit: Radio Times

As much as we love the ‘Winkledaly’ double act, you’ve got to admit Bruce Forsyth’s doddery footwork and questionable jokes are sorely missed. Come to think of it, why don’t we just get Prince Philip to host? I can see no way in which that could be a bad idea.

Get Cirque du Soleil involved


Step 1: Replace all the professional dances currently on the show with performers from Cirque du Soleil.

Step 2: Hide behind the sofas as you witness the ‘celebs’ being flung around the stage.

Step 3: Cancel all Saturday night plans for the foreseeable future.