Fancy Getting From London To San Francisco In Three Hours?

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For those of us that find flying less than favourable, we bring good news. And for those who enjoy aeroplane food, we bring bad news. Aerospace companies including NASA, are currently in the process of developing new forms of supersonic air travel. Foodies everywhere can rejoice, for no longer will we have to endure stale bread rolls, dry crackers and some type of miscellaneous spread. There won’t even be time to get through a Lord of The Rings.

Even Legolas can't fault the idea of a new supersonic plane
Soz Legolas. Credit: mgm

Airbus have been awarded the patent for a Concorde 2 supersonic plane, which will be faster, quieter and cooler than it’s predecessor. Eleven hour journeys from London to San Francisco could now only take three short and sweet hours if things go to plan. That’s hardly even time for the buffet cart to get through the aisle.

Supersonic plane? Maybe that might lead to better meals?
YUMMY. Credit:

Of course, we can’t help but think back to the original Concorde when talking about its newer upgrade. Doug Nichols, CEO of the Aerion aviation company, explained that ‘the technology simply did not exist to create a new generation of practical and efficient supersonic airliners’ at the time of the original Concorde.

Times a’ changin’ though, and the world is ready for some aviation excitement.

The Concorde 2 is a new supersonic plane. It takes its looks from a sea turtle. Probably.

There are some pretty cool features to note about the proposed Concorde 2 (pictured above). Firstly, it looks a bit like a majestic sea turtle.

The new supersonic plane. Wait, no, it's just a sea turtle.
Anyone? Credit:

Secondly, and far more notably, it would include two turbo jets, which allow for a vertical take-off to climb into the air much like a rocket. The aircraft would still take off from conventional runways, meaning that people who can’t afford for this luxury method of travel will be able to watch those who can. Lovely.

This also means that the thunder-like sonic boom that would be audible when the aircraft breaks the sound barrier would travel across the sky – instead of towards the ground where it would undoubtedly scare passers by senseless. Its planned top speed would be over twice as fast as the original Concorde. That’s London to New York in one hour. And Tokyo to LA in three.

The route the supersonic plane will take
Credit: YouTube/PatentYogi

Whilst the vertical take-off and landing may not be so favourable to those less-keen flyers amongst us, at least it’ll be over in a fraction of the time. Just think of it like a nice little roller-coaster ride.

The supersonic plane won't be to everyone's tastes


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