This 11-Year-Old’s Idea Of The Ten Commandments Is Adorable

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Ah, the Ten Commandments. The very sound of them brings back tired memories of Catholic school, Sunday mornings at Church and endless hours of Religious Studies education. But ask me to regurgitate all ten of them and I’d tell you to jog on. Sorry, God. It’s nothing personal.

But – if I were to make up what I considered to be the Ten Commandments, chances are they would be nowhere near as inventive as this. This image, posted to Imgur last week, reports to show an 11-year-old’s idea of the Commandments. Well, with a little creative embellishment.

The ten commandments according to a child
Credit: Imgur

If we didn’t know any better, numbers 1 to 5 could definitely be the actual Ten Commandments. Being kind, listening to your parents, giving to charity and respecting God – they’re all popular traits of good Christians, right?

And, as for number 9? “And the Lord said unto Moses, do the Nae Nae.” So cute! Even if we hate that wretched dance with every fibre of our being. You can’t help but feel like this kid was really scraping the barrel when he got down to that bit.

The ten commandments according to a child: Matt Damon does the nae nae

Thank the lord he managed to reel it back with his final suggestion. Punching Hitler in the face. Hey, if it’s good enough for Captain America and the Ninja Turtles…

The ten commandments according to a child: Captain America gives Hitler a face punch

The ten commandments according to a child: Hitler gets it from all angles.

Well, that’s just bloomin’ adorable

Viewed over 1 million times on Imgur, the picture is quickly going viral. But it hasn’t stopped the naysayers shedding doubt on the legitimacy of the picture. Many have pointed out that the handwriting is more like that of a six-year-old’s. And then you’ve got those spoilsports who reckon the picture was made up. By an adult. Just for the sake of a few internet points. Pffft. Whether or not that’s the case, it still gave us a bit of a laugh this morning.

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