Have You Tried The Text Door Neighbour Craze Yet?

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Do you know who your text door neighbour is?

Nope, that’s not a typo. Text door neighbours are a new actual thing. Forget the art of socialising by popping into your next door neighbour’s for a cup of tea. Making friends is now all about utilising the technology available right at your fingertips. Even if it is possibly the creepiest method we’ve heard of yet.

First thing’s first: how do you find out who your text door neighbour is? Well, it’s easy. All you have to do is send a text message to the number that is one digit different to yours. So, if your mobile phone number is 07777 777 777, you would send a text to 07777 777 776 and 07777 777 778, reports The Mirror. Wow, so many 7s. But you get the gist.

Text Door Neighbour: The Dumbest Craze of 2016?

Regardless of whether it’s a dumb or genius idea, people on social media are loving this craze. They’ve been sharing their success stories in droves all over Twitter. Well. I say ‘success’…it’s fair to say that some people had a bit more success than others.

Like this person who is pretty much now BFFs with their text door neighbour.

Text door neighbour success

Some people, however, are finding the concept a little hard to understand so early on in the year…

Text door neighbour success story

..and for others the craze has just forced them to put the police on speed dial.

Not one to shy away from trying a new craze, this morning I dutifully sent my own text door neighbours messages. #CommitmentToTheCause. I’m yet to hear back from either of them. Sadly. But here’s hoping by the end of the day I’ll have a new best mate. Or maybe I”ll have just unwittingly introduced myself to an axe murderer. Only time will tell…

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