The Best Things To Watch on Netflix Right Now

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When did Netflix become so important to everyday life? It feels like it just came out of nowhere. Now it’s such a big part of my evenings and weekends. Despite that, I still struggle to figure out what to watch on Netflix. Sometimes there’s a thing as too much choice. So I spent time checking out a few new shows in order to figure out the hottest shows right now.

Master of None

We love Aziz Ansari. We have done since initially taking a chance and watching his Netflix stand-up specials all those years ago. So it’s fitting that Master of None, which he has co-created and co-written, has been commissioned as a Netflix original. And boy is it original. Ansari plays a distorted version of himself called Dev, a budding actor that’s trying to make the transition from commercials to movies. But it’s so much more than that. The show covers some really big topics from racial equality to family to relationships without being in any way cheesy. The cool soundtrack and the big screen cinematography make it feel like a project that’s come right from the heart. Definitely one the hottest shows to watch on Netflix right now.