This is How to Recreate The Routine From Friends

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The Routine from Friends

New Year’s Eve is always shit. Right? But there’s one thing you can do to make it so much better. That’s right! It’s The Routine from that NYE episode of Friends. You know, the one that Monica and Ross do. The one that won them honourable mention in the brother/sister dance category in middle school! Watch the video below for a reminder.

How to Recreate The Routine

Step 1. The Finger Click

Face your dance partner. Crouch down a little bit and then click in synch. Incredible start.

the routine from friends 2

Step 2. The Slap

Once the clicking has stopped, it’s time for some drama. One of you needs to pretend to slap the other. Make it convincing. People are watching!

the routine from friends 3

Step 3. Wiggle Wiggle

This is just, well, so much fun. It doesn’t have the impact of the slap, but you do get to pretend to be one two-headed person. You get to wiggle and shake and rub your legs. So much fun.

the routine from friends 4

Step 4. The chicken arms

This is actually our most favourite dance move of all time. It gets all the ladies going. Oh yeah!

the routine from friends 5

Step 5. The grab and slide

This is one of the most difficult movements. It requires you to grab one another by the wrist, and then for one of you to drop back and appear to be sliding away from the starting position. But you don’t get honourable mention in the brother/sister category in middle school without some big moves. This is a big move, indeed.

the routine from friends 1

Step 6. Stirring the pot

What’s that you got cooking? Oh yeah this is one hell of a dance move. Stir that pot well and enjoy the deliciousness of your dancing.

the routine from friends 6

Step 7. Moonwalk and shuffle

Classic MJ mixed in with a bit of David Brent. What’s not to love?

the routine from friends 7

Step 8. Foot bumps

Back into the groove with some foot bumps. Gwan.

the routine from friends 8

Step 9. The uber shuffle

I mean, I have no idea what it’s called. But it’s amazing. And for some reason I just imagine this being created in a Berlin rave in the mid 90s. Give this your all as this is your penultimate move. Make it big!

the routine from friends 9

Step 10. Jump and catch

This is the final move. Make sure you’ve got enough space. Have a big run up and go. Wonderful.

the routine from friends 10

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