Here’s What The Cast Of The Santa Clause Look Like Now

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Tim Allen (Scott Calvin/Santa Claus)

Ever wondered what The Santa Clause cast look like now?

Age then: 41
Age now: 62

Let’s start with the most obvious of the bunch: Tim Allen. His character (formerly known as Scott Calvin) had us all rooting with him as he came to terms with his Santa status. In fact, the movie was so well-received, Allen reprised the role twice over the following decade in ultra-sleek sequels. When The Santa Claus hit the big screens, Allen was already a big TV star, having starred in Home Improvement since 1991. But since his turn as the big guy in the red suit, Allen has notched up roles in blockbusters including Toy Story (as Buzz Lightyear), and Christmas With The Kranks. He’s now, quite literally, a Disney legend.