The Worst Ways To Lose In Sports

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It’s never easy accepting defeat. Especially if you’ve spent the last 4, 5, 10 years practising religiously for that one shot of greatness only for it to all unravel at the very last minute. I guess that’s what makes sports exciting – the unpredictability. Winning and losing are often separated by the finest of margins. As some losers can attest. We recount some of the worst ways to lose in sports. Let us know what you think in the comments.

When All The Judges Mess Up

Williams v Lara is an infamous fight in the world of boxing for one reason: the points decision that awarded Paul Williams the win was wrong. Just plain wrong. Picture the scene: you’re Erislandy Lara and you’ve come into this fight with a game plan – target Williams with the left hook. Throughout the fight the tactic was effective. It was clear for everyone to see that Lara had the beating of his man. It was so clear that you could see the physical effects of the battering Paul Williams had received. Despite that, the points decision was awarded to Williams, who was barely functioning by the end of the fight. A real travesty. Especially as it was Lara’s first loss. But that’s not where it stops. After the fight the New Jersey Athletic Control Board suspended all three judges owing to the dodgy scoring. The decision was not, however, overturned as the regulators felt that there wasn’t enough evidence of bias, fraud or corruption. Terrible.