The Worst Ways To Lose In Sports

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The Dirtiest Race In History

If you’re a fan of athletics, then you’ll know what we’re referring to. The 1988 Olympics in Seoul was a momentous occasion for many reasons, and most people were expectantly tuning in for one of the biggest parts of it: the 100m final race. Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis would be going head-to-head once again in their bitter rivalry, but who would come out as the victor? Well, in what people were immediately calling one of the greatest races in history, Ben Johnson smashed the 100m record to land gold for Canada. Or so he thought. A few days after it was clear Johnson had tested positive for using an illegal steroid, and so Carl Lewis was awarded gold. That’s not where the controversy ends, though. After the fact, 6 of the final 8 athletes would, in fact, test positive for some form of drug abuse. Now, imagine being one of the two who trained for years, ran their hearts out, and didn’t get anything. This is definitely one of the worst ways to lose in sports.