There’s Now a Dating App For Bacon Lovers

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Does the idea of dating a vegetarian feel you with dread? If so, this one’s for you – a dating app that promises to get our love lives seriously sizzling.

The aptly named Sizzl has a simple aim: to pair bacon lovers with each other. Because, as the description states, ‘why should you settle for someone who doesn’t love bacon?’ Wise words indeed.

So, can your love of bacon really be a good foundation on which to base your relationship? The Sizzl guys really think so. They’ve even integrated different features so you can match up with people who like their bacon done the same way as you.

And in keeping with the name, there’s also a ‘Sizzl-meter’ which gives you the chance to show just how interested you are in someone.

A dating app for bacon lovers: where do we sign up?

This Tinder-style dating app for bacon lovers then lets you get chatting with those you match with. Chat about your favourite brand of bacon. Your favourite supermarket to buy bacon from. Even your favourite position to eat bacon in. Whatever you fancy. Just chat until you find your perfect bacon lover.

A dating app for bacon lovers: where do we sign up?!

The free iOS app uses its bacon GPS to locate other app users nearby. The only downside? It’s designed by Oscar Mayer, a meat company owned by the US food giant Kraft Foods…so it’s probably not 100% legit. But seriously, spread the word. We could be onto something here.

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