These Are The 10 Most Beautiful Hotels In The World

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When I was a child, I didn’t understand the meaning of the phrase itchy feet. I genuinely thought it was referring to some sort of medical condition. Don’t even get me started on the word wanderlust. But as I grew up, and stopped being so literal about everything, I learned that travel was a big passion. It took a while to really understand the restorative and educational values of a good trip away. Mainly because trips abroad in the first years of being an adult involved staying in dingy hostels on the outer fringes of major cities. Then I learnt how to be an adult, and started, begrudgingly, paying for hotels. All I ever wanted to do was become Kevin McCallister and get lost in The Plaza Hotel in New York. That still hasn’t become a reality, but I’ve started to appreciate the value of a beautiful hotel. They often make your trip that much more exciting. And they’re often so good that you sometimes fail to see the city you’ve travelled to. Oh well. So in order to fend off our ‘medical condition’, we’ve collated a list of the 10 most beautiful hotels in the world.

10. Park Hyatt, Tokyo

10 Most Beautiful Hotels In The World: Park Hyatt Tokyo

There’s something so deeply engrossing about the hotel. Something that belies the futuristic facade. Something that extends beyond the surrounding area of Shinjuku. The Park Hyatt has this romantic nature to it that illuminates Tokyo in a unique light. The hotel might not look all that amazing from the outside, but the interior is wonderfully decorated. But more than that, offers views of Shinjuku and Mount Fuji from either side of the building. In a city of 13 or so million, it really makes you feel like you’re most than just a number. The New York Bar is an awesome place to linger, where those who are partial to it, can re-enact scenes from Lost In Translation.

10 Most Beautiful Hotels In The World: Park Hyatt Tokyo