These Are The Most Disastrous SNL Hosts Ever

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From boring to outrageously offensive, “Saturday Night Live” has had its fair share of horrible hosts. Here are some of the most disastrous SNL hosts who won’t be invited back on any day of the week:

Justin Bieber (February 9, 2013)

most disastrous snl hosts featuring justin bieber

Our first entry is about as surprising as pigeon droppings in New York City. Just a mention of this Canadian pop singer’s name is enough to send many a sensible person’s eyes rolling. Justin Bieber has demonstrated his repertoire of obnoxious, entitled, and downright disgusting behavior time and time again. And the stage of SNL was no different. Bill Hader recollected the Biebs arriving on set with nearly two dozen of his posse, some of whom he had designated to hold his food. Meanwhile, Hader could hardly even find room to get dressed.