This Season’s Biggest GBBO Controversies

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Ahh, GBBO. That respectable, genteel programme that passes by without too much stress each Wednesday, right? WRONG. The latest season has racked up more controversy than Miley Cyrus gyrating all over a public stage (we’re sooo over it).

Here are just a few of the biggest GBBO controversies so far – and it’s only week five!

Whispers of professional training

Marie has been involved in a GBBO row, having received professional training in Paris. That's one of this season's biggest GBBO controversies

Despite picking up the title of Star Baker in the first episode, Marie Campbell was given the boot in the next week for, uh, failing to turn her oven on properly…which is quite an important part of the baking process.

However, viewers had been up in arms at reports that the 66-year-old actually received professional training at the renowned Ecole Escoffier at the Ritz in Paris, specialising in none other than pastries.

Not only that, but Marie also used to run her own small cupcake business, and used to hold training classes for chefs. Tut tut, naughty Marie.

Great British Rip-Off

There's no doubting Ian Cumming is a talented baker - but did he rip off his friend's recipe? That's one of the biggest GBBO controversies

Current favourite Ian Cumming (ha) has been given the prestigious title of Star Baker three times already this series for his stunning biscuits, desserts and bread. I mean, it’s almost getting boring now.

But claims are whirring that the star actually nicked his creme brulee recipe from one of his closest friends – the head of catering at Cambridge University’s Trinity College. Whoops.

Crash Tragedy

Mat's involvement in a deadly crash has raised eyebrows. One of the biggest GBBO controversies this season

Back in 2000 when GBBO-hopeful Mat Riley was just 22, the amateur baker was involved in a car crash that killed a 51-year-old man. After serving a driving ban for careless driving, Mat trained to be a fireman –  but the man’s widow still finds it hard to watch the show.

THAT lion face

Paul's epic lion head has been the subject of many Twitter jokes. One of the biggest GBBO controversies

C’MON – did you see Paul’s epic bread lion face?! The whole world rightfully erupted in anger when Ian was announced as Star Baker again (yawn). Could Ian’s flower pot bread creation have spawned this many memes and Twitter jokes?! #PaulWasRobbed

…and Nadiya’s face

Is she going to cry? Laugh? Have a breakdown? WHAT IS HAPPENING.