These Hilarious Honest Trailers Are Better Than The Originals

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When it comes to movie trailers, there’s a certain tried-and-approved recipe for success. The special ingredients seem to be the booming voice of a narrator, a rocking soundtrack that usually has nothing to do the film itself, and a montage of clips that pretty much gives the whole movie away. And, quite frankly, we’re getting a bit bored of it. Thankfully, that’s where Honest Trailers come in: a Screen Junkie-initiative which parodies some of the biggest blockbusters out there. They tell us the “truth” behind the movies, in all their cynical and capitalist glory. Put simply, they’re genius.

Honest Trailers: Thor
Credit: YouTube/Honest Trailers

Honest Trailers are a YouTube Sensation

Think you’ve heard of Honest Trailers before? It wouldn’t be a surprise. They’ve actually been around since 2012, but their latest Die Hard movie trailer parody is quickly being picked up all over the internet. Their YouTube channel now has over 130 hilarious honest trailers, ranging from classics such as Back To The Future and Titanic, to more modern big screen hits including Skyfall and Frozen. And their videos have even accumulated over 110 million views!

In honour of how spectacular we think Honest Trailers really are, here are some of our absolute favourites from their YouTube channel:

Forrest Gump

This Forrest Gump Honest Trailer has got to be one of the greatest. Not only does it point out some of the hilarious bloopers and ethical issues that went over our heads as kids, but it also highlights some of the funniest scenes in the movie.