These Hipsters of Ghana Are So Much Cooler Than All Of Us

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For months now we’ve been told that the death of hipsters is nigh. But there’s one place that the hipster trend is just beginning to take off: the West African country of Ghana. Yep, you wouldn’t necessarily think it. But with their sharp waistcoats, buttoned-up shirts and glasses, these hipsters of Ghana are turning their country’s fashion on its head. And we’ve never seen anyone looking so effortlessly cool.

These hipsters of Ghana look so effortlessly cool. We're jealous of their fashion sense.
Credit: Reuters

This group of Ghanian hipsters have embraced the trend wholeheartedly in the country’s capital of Accra. DJ Evans Mireku Kissi (AKA Steloo) is one such fashion trailblazer. And his choice of career couldn’t suit him better. In one picture he’s spotted performing out on the city’s streets – using decks that have been set up on an old wooden ironing board of all things. Could you get any more hipster?

The hipsters of Ghana certainly know how to party
Steelo hits the decks in the streets | Credit: Reuters

The hipsters of Ghana really show their love of style and imaginative looks with colourful outfits that wouldn’t look out of place in East London or Brooklyn. And it’s this sense of drama that it places in the minds of people in the city that Kissi says he enjoys.

The hipsters of Ghana certainly know how to make an entrance
Fashion photographer Ofoe Amegavie strikes a pose | Credit: Reuters

What is life like for the hipsters of Ghana?

These incredible photos were taken by photographer Francis Kokoroko. And while the photos of these style icons, aged between 19 and 38, are interesting to see, it also delves into the issues that surround dressing this way. For the girls in particular, their clothes have made them the subject of some criticism. Artist Sena Ahadji, for instance, chose to tone down her edgy look (including a mohican) and now sports stylish dresses along with horn rimmed glasses. She told Reuters: “I was told I wasn’t going to get a husband. I would be called names on the bus.” However, she refuses to back down, asserting:

“The fabric doesn’t make me African. My hair doesn’t make me African, but I know who I am.”

The hipsters of Ghana pull of the trend with plenty of pizzazz
Sena Ahadji | Credit: Reuters

Despite this criticism, the group do have an army of supporters, particularly over social media and amongst the Ghanian youth. And they can definitely count us in amongst the fans – we’re just mighty jealous that we can’t pull off the trend as well as them. Sobs.

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