These Kim Jong-Un Memes Will Make You Cry

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Oh, the internet. It’s a magical place. Somewhere where you can release an innocent picture of a fresh-faced dictator to take on a life of its own. Somewhere that is home to a legion of anonymous warriors fighting the good fight. Somewhere where everyone suddenly knows how to photoshop the heck out of a bunch of pictures.

Get in Bed With These Kim Jong-Un Memes

kim jung-un

That’s basically what’s just happened with this absolutely amazing picture of Kim Jung-Un. It’s certainly our second favourite picture of the dictator, after this absolute masterpiece. We’re not entirely sure of what’s going on in the picture. He seems to be testing the spring coil action of a mattress, or something. While we don’t know what’s going on in the picture, we certainly understand what went on once the picture was released into the wilds of the internet. It took on a life of its own in spectacular fashion. Click onto the next page to see the results.